Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So its tax season.  Everyone is rushing to file their taxes, scared if they owe good ol' Uncle Sam yet excited if they don't.  This year we didn't owe Uncle Sam and the return was a good one.  It allowed us to get caught up on a lot of different things and to have a little fun as well.

One of the fun things we did was take our Princess to see the Lorax movie at one of the local movie theatres.  I figured if we went to an afternoon viewing it wouldn't be as expensive.

Here is the trailer to the movie if you haven't already seen it:

After wasting time in the mall that the theater was attached to, which sucked big time, we went to the 4:30 time slot.  For two adults and one child it came to 18.00.  I thought great, this isn't bad!  But then my Princess and my child husband couldn't go in of course without snacks.  So a small popcorn and water for Princess, and a large popcorn and Root Beer for hubby, it was 28.00!!!!!!  This theater advertises that it sells their canteen items for 30% less than any other theater in the area!  So to see an hour and half movie that isn't even something I personally wanted to watch it cost us $46.00!  This is fucking ridiculous!

What do families of five do?  I mean sure you don't have to go to the movies, sure you could smuggle in your snacks from home if you don't get caught by the ginormous security aliens checking your bags for outside theater treats.  But what if you want a treat?  Something special for your family to do, and this one thing happens to be taking your kids to a movie?

This is why, I assume, that downloading movies and such is such a huge thing right now.  I'll pay for a big screen television, a popcorn maker, and a spindle of DVD's to burn movies on or make copies of movies, and after 1 year (if you were to go to the theater twice a month) and I would have spent the same amount of money I would have going to the movies.  Oh, and I would have been a whole lot more comfortable.

P.S.  Hey you, kid who was approx 9 years old, who wouldn't stop whining over your brother not sharing the arm rest, and your sister who insisted on kicking the back of my chair, thanks for kicking over your soda so it dripped down the floor and coated the bottom of my purse with sticky sugar!  I'm sending your parents the bill for a new purse!


CWMartin said...

But, how was the movie?

Bitching Bella said...

@CW Martin: Considering that I'm not into cartoons, it was a good movie, my Princess couldn't keep her eyes off the screen. It was the first movie she didn't ask to leave in the middle. It has a really good point behind it too.

On My Soapbox said...

This is exactly why I don't go to movies theatres. Plus, my couch is so much more comfortable!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Sam is American, not Canadian. Just saying.

Bitching Bella said...

Dear anonymous, what is your point? If you're gonna pick apart my post go else where, we don't want your kind here!

Anonymous said...

you said you welcomed comments of all kind. don't go back on your word. im counting on you! you go girl