About This Bitch

I am an educated thirty something woman, who is a military spouse and mother to one princess.  

I am not new to blogging.  In fact I had a well established blog that had a boat load of followers while I stayed anonymous.  I had been showcased in a magazine, and had interviews with authors and famous people.  But my blog was going in a direction that I felt I had to filter want I truly wanted to say.  So I shut it down.

I will not filter here.  I will state my opinions and I may not keep this place G rated.  I would love to see your comments as "unfiltered" as I will be.  

I feel that this palace will be where everyone will be able to bitch freely.  If you want to disagree with what I have to say, please feel free.  If you want to remain anonymous while doing so, by all means.  After all who am I to call on you for remaining anonymous while I am doing the exact same thing!


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