Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hey there all.  I know its been tragically long since I last posted.  I've been incredibly busy with my Princess and family outings and gatherings, and just didn't have the time to write.

I have missed you all though, I even missed my anonymous commentator who likes to try and piss me off all the time.  Nothing like biting back and forth when it stays interesting.

My bitchfest today is in regards to Costco and their customers at the location nearest me.

Disclosure:  I am a Costco member and choose to shop there because of the great deals.  So yes I put up with the nonsense, but it doesn't mean I can't bitch about it.

I'll be fair and state that I have not been to all Costco's but....mine I can comment on.  What the hell is with the lack of staff at the check outs on a Saturday afternoon?

We all know now that spring has sprung upon us (quite early I might add, and love that fact) that business booms even more so.  Yet the lack of check outs available is just plain wrong.

I mean, come on,  when the lineups are literally so long that they have to curl down product isles, so much so that the customers still shopping can't go up said isles to make further purchases.  It gets a bit frustrating.  Make the checkout areas larger please.  After all everything else about the store is massive!

Also I'd like to say that I am quite amused at the consumers of Costco.  When its busy and you're trying to find that parking spot right close to the building.....STOP what you're doing!  Think about it.  While you're looking for that close parking spot, the rows of parking spots that are about a 500 meter/yard walk away from the entrances are filling up and you'll just have to walk farther.  So get off your lazy ass and walk a bit!

Also driving in Coscto parking lot, is like taking your life and handing it up to whatever higher power you believe in.  Driving laws still apply in parking lots last time I checked.  Four way stop signs .....are not yield signs nor have they changed colors.  They still mean : HEY YOU ASSHOLE!  STOP!

Setting all that aside, I would like to thank Costco for the 7 more grey hairs from a 45 min shopping experience at Costco yesterday.


CWMartin said...

I WAS going to say, yeah, that happens everywhere. But that is a seriously long line. Perhasps have hubby come in with some "workmates" and secure the area first?

Bitching Bella said...

@CW yeah if it was only that easy for hubby to do so. There needs to be a 2nd Costco built so that it can reduce the pressure off of the one in my big city!

J.Day said...

Usually my parents make my Costco run for me, so I usually don't have to deal with it. But once in awhile, I have to deal with it. I always park in the boonies because it's not worth it and my car already has enough parking lot dings from other people's doors. Oh and I LOVE people who still manage to blog entire isles with their measly shopping cart while they peruse the products.

Bitching Bella said...

@J.Day: I know exactly what you mean with those nasty carts in the way. I literally say excuse me once, and then if they ignore me, I push their cart out of the way. If they protest, I just tell them quit being ignorant and blocking the way for other people to pass. It usually startles them because very few speak up.

On My Soapbox said...

Our nearest Costco isn't too bad employee- or checkout-wise. Many of the customers, however, SUCK! They are so rude in so many ways. We try to go only when there's about an hour or less until closing, Monday - Thursday only. Their prices (at least at our local Costco) aren't that great of a deal anymore anyway.... Not sure if we'll renew our "membership" or not.