Sunday, April 15, 2012

Idiot Driver's with Children

Good morning my fellow subjects.  Today's rant is about two different driving incidents that I saw three days ago.  I seriously couldn't believe my eyes.

While sitting on my front step with my hubby and Princess enjoying the weather that we have been so graciously given a car drives by, at about 40km per hour down my side street (which should be at about 30km/hr).  I look at the car to see if I know who it is, and there is a woman in the front seat, with her cell phone out, staring at it (assuming she is reading a text), and her two children, under the age of three years are sitting in the back seat!

As I shouted out "Are you fucking kidding me?  Did you just see that?" to my hubby, the woman slowly starts to take the curb and some grass off someone's front yard, all while coming to a stop so she could finish reading her text and respond I assume.  Then carries on with her drive.

I mean, first its against the law to drive and text or use your cell phone at all.  Secondly, your children are in the car.  Thirdly its announced everywhere that there is a program going on with the local police department about wearing seat belts or driving while being distracted.  There is a steep financial fine not to mention the points that you would lose.

Moving on with my day, after coming back from the city from shopping (at Costco, see previous rant) I stop off at the corner store for my hubby to run in and grab something.  Princess and me are being silly in the car while waiting.  We notice that our neighbors are walking up to the car beside us.  I smile and wave through the window.  While admiring just a how big their youngest daughter had gotten since the fall, I realize that the child isn't just getting in the car through the front seat and climbing into the back.  Nope.  She got in the front seat and her Dad just strapped her in with a regular adult seat belt.  No car seat.  Did I mention this child might have turned two recently?  That's right my royal subjects idiot number two just drove away with his toddler in the front seat of a moving vehicle without a car seat of any kind!

These two "adults" in my opinion, should be charged with child endangerment.  There is no excuse for what they did.  I really have no tolerance when it comes to children being neglected because of ignorance.


Anonymous said...

one should never assume, you know what they say?

Bitching Bella said...

@anonymous: So now you want to call me an ass huh? So be it. But when it is illegal where I live to even touch your cell phone (when not using a hands free device)either way it was wrong. So I'll assume all I want here.