Saturday, February 25, 2012

Road Rage

My loyal subjects, if you didn't know I live on a military base in military housing.  You'd be surprised at the train wrecks that happen here.  The drama, the gossip, the backstabbing and the rules and regulations are enough to right my own soap opera Canadian style.  However for today I'm going to discuss people's driving habits.

Have you ever been behind a person when driving on a highway, where the speed limit is 90km/hr or 55 miles/hr, and they're doing 10 under?  There is no room to pass or as soon as the slow ass person see's you're trying to pass they go faster?  Or what about that person who slows down when they "think" you're riding their bumper when there is clearly one car length between you and the dumb asshole?

Here on base there are crazy speed limits.  Some roads have the speed limit posted every kilometer others aren't listed at all.  On base I expect people to follow the limits to the number because the military police are looking for things to do to occupy their time because there are only so many coffees and donuts they can consume.

However just outside the base, people think that there are no driving laws/speed limits in place in civilian living.


My biggest pet peeve of all....

Texting while driving.  Hello!!!!!!!!

Put that electronic device down and pay the fuck attention to what you are doing.  Let me tell you that what you did last night really won't matter much when you hit another vehicle that has children or infants in it and you kill them all because your friend just had to know.  Oh and by the way.....stopping at a red light or a stop sign, does not give you the right to pick that phone back up and text again.  Cause guess what I'm the one honking at you and flipping you the bird when the light has gone green or the 3 Mississippi's (three second stop) are done and long over.

I'm not saying I'm a perfect driver.  However I couldn't imagine the guild if I caused a scene like this because I thought a text was more important than mine and everyone else's safety.



Stephanie said...

Following:) Nice ti "see" you! said...

In Utah, there are minimum and maximum speed limit signs posted.

It blew my mind when I saw "Maximum speed, 75 mph (minimum speed, 45)" on a sign. I instantly wanted to slow down to the minimum speed, just to annoy people.

Thanks for finding me, allowing me to find you! :D

Just Sayin... said...

In Vancouver (all of BC actually) it's illegal to text/talk and drive. You MUST be on hands free or you can lose your license.

On My Soapbox said...

Texting while driving is illegal here, but does that stop anyone? Nooooo! I see people texting or talking on their handheld phones every day! Wish I could run these dumbsnits off the road....

G said...

They ca take it a little far with rules. Over here they are talking about banning smoking in cars now.

Rebecccccca said...

In the great U.S. state of No-fun-afornia herein referred to as Cali it is actually illegal to eat or drink (yes even the non-regulated stuff) while driving. It is a little enforced law but if you get a cranky officer they will use it.

I agree with the no texting and driving. However in Cali texting while driving or talking on a non-hands free device hold the same punishment which I don't agree with. One is deff more of a danger then the other.

Guess they just have annoying stuff everywhere.

P.S. LOVE your comment disclaimer =)